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Transflow Dischargers

Trans-Flow® Bin Dischargers are used to solve the problem of handling and discharging difficult flowing bulk materials. Bulk materials that are cohesive but fluidizable, like white pigments, carbon black and calcium stearate, can be reliably and effectively discharged into your process.


The SilentFlow® Bin Discharger consists of a hopper cone with the interior fully lined with Trans-Flow® aeration media. This media uniformly distributes and controls low-pressure air or gas and fluidizes the stored powder product. The media top surface also produces an evenly distributed bed of air that significantly reduces the coefficient of friction between your bulk material and the cone surface.

The material is conditioned by the Trans-Flow® media. The fluidizing air or gas homogenizes with the bulk material changing the response of the solid to the response of a liquid. This results in positive flow of the stored material.



You will be able to increase your process production with a SilentFlow® Bin Discharger because of:

  • Reliable and effective material flow. SilentFlow® Bin Dischargers are used for difficult application like pigments and other cohesive materials
  • Higher flow rates out of your existing hoppers and silos
  • Reduced maintenance cost with the long lasting, durable, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, high temperature resistant and abrasion resistance media.
  • Reduced maintenance cost because SilentFlow® Bin Dischargers have no moving parts
  • Reduced downtime because SilentFlow® Bin Dischargers are easily cleaned.
  • Reduced operation cost because Trans-Flow® Bin Dischargers use less low-pressure compressed air or gas