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Saw-tooth Crushers

Young Industries Saw-tooth Crushers are designed and fabricated for long, dependable service under the most severe reduction applications. The Crusher''s upper and lower housings are fabricated and heavy plate for full support and enclosure of the saw assembly, and bolted together to provide access to the saws for inspection and general maintenance.

The crushing saws and spacers are positioned on hexagonal shafts, and securely retained by special over-sized locknuts. Passing between the upper and lower Crusher housings, the locknuts also provide a smooth running surface for the shaft seals.

Flexibility in design is an important aspect of the Saw tooth Crusher. With the efficiency and effectiveness of the reduction dependent on matching the Crusher to the product, Young Industries is prepared to fabricate from a variety of materials and to custom specifications. Since saw/spacer size and arrangement is critical to product size, modification of standard saw assemblies can be made, or special hardened saws provided. All-stainless steel fabrication is available for use with corrosive materials.


  • Application to a variety of products and reduction requirements.
  • Fabrication and design flexibility to maximize reduction efficiency
  • Fracture crushing for improved product consistency
  • Designed for long, dependable service