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Rotary Plug Diverter Valves

The Young Industries, Inc. Rotary Plug Diverter Valves are used in a wide variety of pneumatic conveyor applications. The valve can be used in either a positive or negative pneumatic conveyors and gravity flow applications.

The Rotary Plug Diverter Valves are designed with each diversion leg offset 30° from the straight through leg. The Rotary Plug Valve provide the lowest leakage is the industry.


Lowest leakage in the industry

All the sealing surfaces in the Rotary Plug Diverter Valve are precision machined. The Rotary Plug Diverter Valve is designed with one diversion leg offset 30° from the straight through leg. This is accomplished by changing the position of the internal rotor from one line to the other by a rotary actuator. The combination of the closed rotor design, O-ring seals and close tolerance construction, provides a diverter valve that is virtually leak proof to the atmosphere and diversion legs.

The Rotary Plug heavy duty cast construction along with the precision machined to a close tolerance assuring the tightest possible seal between the rotor and O-ring seals. To further maintain the cleanliness of the product lines, a barrier seal is placed in the housing wall between the legs. The rotor shafts are also sealed with o-rings.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Access to Young Industries Rotary Plug Diverter Valve is through the removable end plates. This can be done without removing the valve from the system piping. This keeps production loss and downtime for cleaning and maintenance cost to a minimum.

As a result, the Young Industries, Rotary Plug Diverter Valves have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offer a low cost of owner ship.