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Pharmaceutical Vessels

Sharpsville Container has been manufacturing high-quality vessels for the pharmaceutical industry for decades. When it comes to tanks and vessels, often the difference is in the people who build the vessels. Take advantage of the craftsman-style workmanship that Sharpsville Container has been providing to customer for years.


Custom designed reactors and fermentors to meet your specific process requirements ranging in sizes from 10 liters to 10,000 liters. These vessels are available in 304SS, 316L SS, Hastelloy, and other alloys with dimple jackets for side wall and bottom heads. All jackets and outside sheathing are generally fabricated of 304SS. All vessels are available with legs, casters, flanged feet, stainless steel skirts, or fork lift pads.

Disposable Reactors

A versatile deep drawn container in 304SS or 316L SS, is an ideal single use vessel for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The reactor is provided with a reusable heating mantle and silicone connections and filters. Additional features are available upon request.

Biostorage Vessels

Ideal use for storing pharmaceutical and biotech material such as vaccines in secure deep drawn containers. Capable of handling 120 °C sterilization and freezing down to -70 °C. These containers are very versatile. They also are available with silicone connections and filters. Electropolishing is also available.

Transport Vessels

Our multipurpose containers can be used to move smaller volumes of products throughout your plant. Various types of fittings, sizes, and materials are available to meet your process needs.


  • 304SS, 316L SS and higher alloys
  • ASME code stamped
  • Material finish up to 10-15 Ra
  • Electropolishing available
  • Sizes from 1 gallon up to 5,000 gallons
  • Jacket styles; dimple, open, half-pipe, or laser
  • Supports; legs, casters, lugs, forklift pads, or skirts
  • Passivation available