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Swing Gate Valve

The Young Industries, Inc. Model "C" Swing Gate Diverter Valve are used in a wide variety of pneumatic conveyor applications. The valve can be used in either a positive or negative pneumatic conveyor. The swing gate valves handle a broad range of products while maintaning a tight seal between legs in a pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying system.

The Model "C" Diverter Valves are designed with each diversion leg offset 30° from the inlet leg. A leakage of 1 SCFM or less air or gas leakage per valve size is guaranteed by Young Industries. For example, the maximum leakage for a 6" diameter valve is less than 6 SCFM. All the sealing surfaces in the swing gate diverter are precision machined. The swing gate os of heavy duty cast construction and has teflon sealing strips located on each side. "O" rings are used for sealing at the gate shaft seal. White neoprene sealing strips are located in the diverter valve housing to provide a tight seal around the swing gate.

The diverter valve's gate shaft is supported by ball bearings, assuring proper alignment of the gate to the housing. The diverter valve's actuator is direct coupled to the gate shaft. This arrangement distributes torque directly to the gate shaft, eliminating stress to the valve components.

Maintenance and cleaning can be done without removing the valve from the convey line

Access to Young Industries Model "C" Swing Gate Diverter Valve is through the removable side plates. This can be done without removing the valve from the system piping. This keeps production loss and downtime for cleaning and maintenance cost to a minimum. As a result, the Young Industries, Model "C" Swing Gate Diverter Valve have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offer a low cost of owner ship.