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Solids-retaining separator comprising a frame containing in its lower part a horizontal drive shaft with friction clutch and brake, worm gear and a vertical bowl spindle. The worm gear is placed in an oil bath.

The bowl is fixed on the top of the spindle inside the space formed by the upper part of the frame and the frame hood which also carries the feed and discharge systems. The frame hood is hinged to facilitate easy access for cleaning the bowl which is of the solidwalldisc type.

Basic equipment
  • Dirty oil inlet device.
  • Clean oil outlet device with sight glass.
  • Liquid seal water inlet.
  • Set of gravity discs.
  • Revolution indicator.
  • Set of resilient mountings.
  • Set of Standard Spare Parts.
  • Built-on gear type pump (combined feed/discharge pump).
Extra equipment
  • Electric motor.
  • Starter.
  • Set of tools.
  • Set of recommended additional spares for long-time service.
  • Flexible connections.
  • Preheater.
  • Alarm device for broken liquid seal.