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Foodec Centrifuges

Foodec decanter centrifuges combine unparalleled efficiency with exceptional hygiene, in a design that minimizes oxidation in delicate food and beverage products. They provide extremely efficient liquid extraction that leaves a particularly dry waste product. The Foodec design actually boosts solids handling capacity by as much as 25% compared with all other designs currently available – at no additional cost.

Foodec solutions are designed for separation duties in industries with a particular focus on hygiene standards and on avoiding the effects of oxygen pick-up. The unique Foodec design features an advanced sealing system that virtually eliminates any intake of air. This special sanitary design enables users to comply with stringent FDA, 3A, USDA and EHEDG standards This makes these units ideal for use in breweries and in the manufacture of a wide range of beverages and viscous foods, including wine, fruit juice, casein and lactose, coffee and tea, tomatoes and soy protein isolate.

The advanced drive system paves the way to much lower power consumption than any other current designs, and the innovative Decanter Core Controller (DCC) system reduces operating costs and gives even better control over the separation process. Together, this results in lower separation costs as well as boosting both the quality and value of the end product.