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Attrition Mills

Young Industries’ Single and Double Runner Attrition Mills are the result of years of experience in applications, design and fabrication. Young builds each attrition mill to insure maximum grinding efficiency. Young has supplied attrition mills for a wide variety of grinding applications, because of its ability to grind, pulverize, granulate, crack, fiberize, curl, hull or blend powdery mixtures.

Single and double runner mills feature low maintenance, easy plate changes and simplified inspection. The single runner mill''s door can be hinged to open in either direction, while the double runner mill''s top hood is easily removed for your convenience.

To obtain the desired finished product from either the single or double runner mills, a combination of speed, gap / clearance between plates and the style of grinding plates is necessary for the proper texture and consistency you wish. Young Industries has a wide selection of different style grinding plates from which to choose. The plates are made from a tough wear / resistant materials, such as "Ni-Hard", plus a selection of other materials.

Specs - Single Runner
Specs - Double Runner


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy plate changes
  • Outboard drive connection to allow use of any motor
  • External adjustment for gap settings
  • Curved arm runnerhead on all double runner mills
  • OSHA designed drive guards

Optional Features

  • Special Finishes on Wetted surfaces
  • Dust tight housing
  • Inlet feeder devices
  • Choice in material construction
  • Water cooled mills available
  • Sanitary Construction