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Solids Handling

Rotary Plug Diverter Valves

The Young Industries, Inc. Rotary Plug Diverter Valves are used in a wide variety of pneumatic conveyor applications. The valve can be used in either a positive or negative pneumatic conveyors and gravity flow applications. The Rotary Plug Diverter Val...

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Transflow Dischargers

Trans-Flow® Bin Dischargers are used to solve the problem of handling and discharging difficult flowing bulk materials. Bulk materials that are cohesive but fluidizable, like white pigments, carbon black and calcium stearate, can be reliably and effect...

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Foodec Centrifuges

Foodec decanter centrifuges combine unparalleled efficiency with exceptional hygiene, in a design that minimizes oxidation in delicate food and beverage products. They provide extremely efficient liquid extraction that leaves a particularly dry waste p...

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Saw-tooth Crushers

Young Industries Saw-tooth Crushers are designed and fabricated for long, dependable service under the most severe reduction applications. The Crusher''s upper and lower housings are fabricated and heavy plate for full support and enclosure of the saw...

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Attrition Mills

Young Industries’ Single and Double Runner Attrition Mills are the result of years of experience in applications, design and fabrication. Young builds each attrition mill to insure maximum grinding efficiency. Young has supplied attrition mills for a...

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Stinger Conveyers

STINGER Conveyors used by major companies to replace screw conveyorsIn the past few years many screw conveyors have been replaced by STINGER® conveyors. Most of the replaces were because of the poor flow characteristics of the powder products. The STIN...

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Solids Injecting

High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge for the animal and fish processing industries, specially designed for extremely demanding separation jobs.The AFPX was designed to discharge solids intermittently, while at the same time separating two intermixe...

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Solids-retaining separator comprising a frame containing in its lower part a horizontal drive shaft with friction clutch and brake, worm gear and a vertical bowl spindle. The worm gear is placed in an oil bath.The bowl is fixed on the top of the spindl...

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Decanter centrifuges offer a high degree of flexibility and can be adjusted to specific requirements. The bowl speed can be varied to obtain the required G-force for optimized separation. By varying the conveying speed and the pond depth in the bowl it...

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VacuShear is innovation at its best. Powdered materials present a unique challenge because there’s always a need to eliminate significant dust formation that can contaminate products and the surrounding environment. A&B Process Systems has met this uni...

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