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West of I-95 in Virginia: Joe Polito - joe@vaheat.com (804-350-8829)
East of I-95 in Virginia, Maryland and DC: Chris Haslego - chris@vaheat.com (804-370-3855)

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Variable Flow Heater

The Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater is designed to deliver hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide range of water flows. It will also reliably supply hot water for applications with frequent start-stop cycles, such as hose stations.
The Pick Variable Flow Heater is ideal as a central heating system for multiple use points such as wash-down stations, plant sanitation and even employee showers.
Delivered as a complete, compact system including all piping, valves, recirculation pump and controls, the Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater can be easily customized to meet your plant specifications.
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