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Spiral Heat Exchanger

Heat exchange duties that benefit from the strengths of spiral heat exchangers include:

  • Liquid/liquid heating, cooling or heat recovery, where one or both of the fluids may cause fouling
  • Vapour/liquid condensing, particularly at very low pressure and/or highvolume flow
  • The design, shape and size of the spiral channels can be customized so that they are a perfect match for the demands associated with a wide range of process fluids, thermal duties and industrial applications.

Lower installation costs

Spiral heat exchangers only require a very small area for mounting and access, resulting in lower unit installation costs compared with other heat exchangers.

Strong on customized solutions

The spiral heat exchanger is a very versatile product. Many of the duties performed by heat exchangers require one channel per fluid, and this can be a distinct benefit.

Good deals on currently in-stock Spiral Heat Exchanger units:

SHE Condenser Unit

SHE Liquid to Liquid Unit