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West of I-95 in Virginia: Joe Polito - joe@vaheat.com (804-350-8829)
East of I-95 in Virginia, Maryland and DC: Chris Haslego - chris@vaheat.com (804-370-3855)

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Sanitary Heater Sizing

Pick Sanitary Heaters are available in seven different sizes, with steam capacities from 150 lbs/hour to 10,000 lbs/hour. Our smallest heater, the SC2, is available with product connections as small as 1/2", and is perfect for R&D and pilot plant testing.
To select a heater, use this simple formula to calculate steam demand. Choose the heater model closest to (without exceeding) the rated steam capacity.
Choose applicable formula:
Steam Demand (lbs/hour)
Product (lb/hr) X ? T (°F) X Specific Heat /1,160
Steam Demand (kg/hr)
Product (kg/hr) X ? T (°C) X Specific Heat /650

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