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In-Stock Condenser Spiral Exchanger

The Alfa Laval ALSHE Cond spiral heat exchanger can be used as a condenser, reflux condenser, reboiler, gas cooler and heater even in presence of very large vapour or gas flows or very low pressure drop.

The ALSHE Cond spiral heat exchanger features one medium in spiral flow while the other is in cross flow, parallel to the axis of the spiral element. The single channel construction eliminates bypassing and reduces fouling. the turbulence of the fluid in the channel constantly flushes away any scaling or deposits as soon as they form.

The compact design of the ALSHE Cond also provides easy access on the process side for maintenance.

More Information

Interested in seeing how this unit will thermally perform in your setup? Fill out our application datasheet and make a note that you are interested in one of our in-stock spirals.