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Double Wall Exchangers

Alfa Laval double-wall plate heat exchangers work on the same principle as conventional plate heat exchangers. However, the single plates between the two media are replaced by pairs of identical plates that are laser-welded together around the portholes. The channels formed when the welded plate pairs are assembled in a plate pack are sealed by gaskets in the conventional manner. In the unlikely event of leakage occurring, traces of one of the two media will then always appear on the outside of the plate heat exchanger. Should a failure occur in the plate, gasket or seal weld, the ensuing leak will be clearly visible. This means that:
  • A puncture in one of the double plates results in external leakage between a specific pair of plates, making detection easy.
  • A gasket defect will cause an external leak, either directly from the peripheral gasket or from the gasket vents open to the air.
  • A weld defect will cause an external leak from either the gasket vents or between the plates at the site of the failure.