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DIABON® plate heat exchangers are ideal for duties in which metallic plates with low corrosion resistance cannot live up to service life requirements, and where the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers that use materials such as glass and Teflon® is unacceptably low. Compared with other graphite solutions, such as graphite blocks, Alfa Laval DIABON® plate heat exchangers provide the additional advantages of reduced fouling and full access to the heat transfer surface.

Advantages of DIABON® plate heat exchangers

• Excellent corrosion resistance
• High thermal efficiency, twice as high as in graphite blocks
• Reduced fouling tendency (DIABON® F100)
• Suitable for condensing duties (DIABON® NS1 and NS2)
• Suitable for handling of fibrous media (DIABON® NS1 and NS2)
• Flexible solution, just add/remove plates
• 5 times greater safety factor (DIABON® NS1 and NS2) against stress and fatigue cracking than graphite block heat exchanger
• Full access to heat transfer surface.

DIABON® plate heat exchangers are therefore ideal for handling highly corrosive fluids such as:

• Hydrochloric acid and gas in all concentrations
• Sulphuric acid up to 90%
• Hydrofluoric acid up to 60%
• All concentrations of phosphoric acid
• Pickling acids in surface treatment plants
• Electrolytes used in the mining industry
• Mixed acids
• Chlorinated hydrocarbons
• Catalysts such as aluminium chloride.

Additional DIABON® Information