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AlfaDisc Heat Exchanger

The core of the AlfaDisc plate-and-shell heat exchanger is a pack of corrugated, circular metal plates. The fluids between which heat transfer takes place are led into this plate pack via ports welded into the discs, and are distributed into the passages between the plates, with hot and cold media in alternate channels. The welded ports form cylinders through which the two media flow, either counter-currently or co-currently, with up to four passes on each side.


The heat transfer surfaces consist of thin corrugated discs stacked and welded on top of each other, with the process channels formed between the plates. If one of the media is particularly aggressive, the AlfaDisc unit can be made from dissimilar metals, with only one side exposed to corrosive conditions.

Individual or multiple plate packs are welded to special end plates to form a unit with top and bottom covers. The “accordion"-like construction of this heat transfer core makes AlfaDisc plate packs highly resistant to thermal expansion. This in turn makes them ideal for use under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.