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Heat Transfer Archives

Shell and Tube

Enerquip's Sanitary Grade shell and tube heat exchangers offer superior performance in every application. The Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Industrial markets use the Enerquip line of heat exchangers nationally and internationally....

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Compabloc Exchangers

While many process and maintenance engineers are familiar with the traditional gasketed plate heat exchanger, the welded plate heat exchanger has greatly expanded the appliable temperature and pressure rating available to the plate exchanger technology...

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Hot Water Generation

For many of our customers, having a reliable source of hot water is key to many different operations including temperature control, wash down, hose stations, and for direct use in their processes. There are many options available for hot water generati...

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Pick Desuperheater

The water spray design of the Pick Heaters “Series DS” Desuperheater offers a simple, cost effective method of cooling steam to within 10°F of saturation.

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Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated metal plates with portholes for the passage of the two fluids between which heat transfer will take place. The plate pack is assembled between a fixed frame plate and a movable pressure plate an...

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WideGap Heat Exchanger

The WideGap plate heat exchanger can be used in four different configurations, wide-gap to super wide-gap. The WideGap is an excellent fit for general heating, cooling and heat recovery of media containing fibres and coarse particles. In addition the w...

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Hot Oil Heaters

Heatec hot oil heaters (thermal fluid heaters) for the hot mix asphalt (HMA) industry are designed around a helical coil. Our coil meets ASME code. Although we make several other types of thermal fluid heaters for other industries, our helical coil he...

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Custom Heat Exchangers

Whether you are using water-water, hot oil, condensing, re-boiling, sensible heating or if you are in need of some guidance to your process, Virginia Heat Transfer offers custom designed Alfa Laval plate exchangers for immediate delivery.  Our 50...

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Spiral Heat Exchanger

Heat exchange duties that benefit from the strengths of spiral heat exchangers include:Liquid/liquid heating, cooling or heat recovery, where one or both of the fluids may cause fouling Vapour/liquid condensing, particularly at very low pressure and/or...

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In-Stock Condenser Spiral Exchanger

The Alfa Laval ALSHE Cond spiral heat exchanger can be used as a condenser, reflux condenser, reboiler, gas cooler and heater even in presence of very large vapour or gas flows or very low pressure drop.The ALSHE Cond spiral heat exchanger features one...

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Variable Flow Heater

The Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater is designed to deliver hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide range of water flows. It will also reliably supply hot water for applications with frequent start-stop cycles, such...

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Constant Flow Heater

The Pick Constant Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater is used wherever a constant flow of heated liquid at a precisely controlled temperature is required.It is ideal when the flow rate is fixed or varies over a narrow span (3:1), or where variations in...

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AlfaDisc Heat Exchanger

The core of the AlfaDisc plate-and-shell heat exchanger is a pack of corrugated, circular metal plates. The fluids between which heat transfer takes place are led into this plate pack via ports welded into the discs, and are distributed into the passag...

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In-Stock LTL Spiral Exchanger

The Alfa Laval ALSHE LTL spiral heat exchangers are a series of standardised spiral heat exchangers for liquid to liquid applications available in various sizes. They are used essentially for heating, cooling and liquid/liquid heat recovery when there...

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Welded Exchangers

The media in the heat transfer are led into the plate pack through portholes at the corners and are distributed into the passages between the plates by the arrangement of sealing welds. The two media flow in alternate chan...

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AlfaNova Heat Exchanger

An AlfaNova fusion-bonded heat exchanger consists of corrugated stainless steel plates, a frame plate and a pressure plate. The heat transfer plates in the plate pack are bonded together using AlfaFusion technology, a unique method of bonding stainless...

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Sanitary Steam Injector

The Pick Sanitary Heater heats or cooks any water miscible liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight through basis. It can also handle slurries containing bite sized pieces such as salsas or stews…with piece integrity retained!Pick is the onl...

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Sanitary Heater Sizing

Pick Sanitary Heaters are available in seven different sizes, with steam capacities from 150 lbs/hour to 10,000 lbs/hour. Our smallest heater, the SC2, is available with product connections as small as 1/2", and is perfect for R&D and pilot plant testi...

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Double Wall Exchangers

Alfa Laval double-wall plate heat exchangers work on the same principle as conventional plate heat exchangers. However, the single plates between the two media are replaced by pairs of identical plates that are laser-welded together around the porthole...

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Semi-Welded Exchangers

Beyond the advantages of its compact size and versatility, the Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is also extremely durable. Because the herringbone patterns of adjacent plates are pointing in opposite directions, a crisscross pattern of support points i...

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Firestorm Heater

Firestorm™ water heaters are designed to heat water for a wide variety of business operations. They provide a constant supply of hot water for clean-up operations. And they provide heated water used in the manufacturing process of many products. Some i...

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Water Bath Heater

Indirectly heats process fluids in either gaseous or liquid states. The fluids flow through the heated coils in the heater. The coils are immersed in a liquid bath heated by a fire tube, which is heated by a burner. The liquid bath may be a mixture of...

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Steam Generator

Produce steam without the use of a fired boiler. Heated fluid from a thermal fluid heater circulates through the tubes of the steam generator, heating water surrounding the tubes and converting it into steam. This has significant advantages over a boil...

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Waste Heat Recovery

Recovers heat from exhaust gases of gas-powered turbines or other machines or processes that generate heated gases that might otherwise be wasted. Can be used with turbine engines, recriprocating engines, or with process streams. The hot gases are rout...

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Electric Heater

The Electric Heater heats a variety of liquids. Has a series of pipes that contain electric heating elements. The elements heat fluid or gas flowing through the chamber surrounding the heating pipes. Capacities range from 100,000 to 600,000 Btu/hour (2...

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