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Heat Transfer


The Compabloc is a breakthrough plate heat exchanger design that combines a whole range of technological advantages into one compact unit. The all-welded plate pack does away with all gaskets between plates, and makes it possible to operate with a wide...

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Electric Heater

The Electric Heater heats a variety of liquids. Has a series of pipes that contain electric heating elements. The elements heat fluid or gas flowing through the chamber surrounding the heating pipes. Capacities range from 100,000 to 600,000 Btu/hour (2...

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Waste Heat Recovery

Recovers heat from exhaust gases of gas-powered turbines or other machines or processes that generate heated gases that might otherwise be wasted. Can be used with turbine engines, recriprocating engines, or with process streams. The hot gases are rout...

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Water Bath Heater

Indirectly heats process fluids in either gaseous or liquid states. The fluids flow through the heated coils in the heater. The coils are immersed in a liquid bath heated by a fire tube, which is heated by a burner. The liquid bath may be a mixture of...

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Steam Generator

Produce steam without the use of a fired boiler. Heated fluid from a thermal fluid heater circulates through the tubes of the steam generator, heating water surrounding the tubes and converting it into steam. This has significant advantages over a boil...

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Firestorm Heater

Firestormâ„¢ water heaters are designed to heat water for a wide variety of business operations. They provide a constant supply of hot water for clean-up operations. And they provide heated water used in the manufacturing process of many products. Some i...

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Spiral Heat Exchanger

Heat exchange duties that benefit from the strengths of spiral heat exchangers include:Liquid/liquid heating, cooling or heat recovery, where one or both of the fluids may cause fouling Vapour/liquid condensing, particularly at very low pressure and/or...

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Welded Exchangers

The media in the heat transfer are led into the plate pack through portholes at the corners and are distributed into the passages between the plates by the arrangement of sealing welds.

The two media flow in al...

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Semi-Welded Exchangers

Beyond the advantages of its compact size and versatility, the Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger is also extremely durable. Because the herringbone patterns of adjacent plates are pointing in opposite directions, a crisscross pattern of support points i...

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Double Wall Exchangers

Alfa Laval double-wall plate heat exchangers work on the same principle as conventional plate heat exchangers. However, the single plates between the two media are replaced by pairs of identical plates that are laser-welded together around the porthole...

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