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West of I-95 in Virginia: Joe Polito - joe@vaheat.com (804-350-8829)
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Series 500 Portable

500-700 SCFM General Duty- Dry desiccant dehumidifier. Humidity levels can be controlled below levels which moisture condenses on surfaces. The Series 500-700 dehumidifiers were primarily designed for the water damage remediation; however they meet a wide range of commercial/industrial requirements. Totally portable, self contained and is designed for maneuverability in small spaces like building elevators and tight corridors. Suitable for multitude of applications where precision humidity control is required. Each dehumidifier is complete with all necessary blowers, controls, filters and drive components to assure the safe, automatic operation of the dehumidifier.

  • All aluminum rugged cabinet construction
  • Advanced Silica Gel desiccant rotor
  • Single Point power connection - 12'' self storing power cord
  • Solid State Controls
  • Proportional controlled electric reactivation of desiccant rotor
  • Designed to operate under severe operating conditions
  • Wheel mounted (skid mounted available for permanent installation)
  • Beaded air connections; accommodates
  • High External Static Pressure
  • Low maintenance-easy access to all internal components
  • Electric and Steam reactivation units are NRTL to UL1995 standards