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West of I-95 in Virginia: Joe Polito - joe@vaheat.com (804-350-8829)
East of I-95 in Virginia, Maryland and DC: Chris Haslego - chris@vaheat.com (804-370-3855)

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Series 2000

750 SCFM to 12,000 CFM
Industrial Duty - Dry desiccant dehumidifiers
Dew points to -40 Degrees F
Self contained Unit- Complete with all necessary blowers, controls, filters and drive components to assure the safe, automatic operation of the dehumidifier.

  • Single point power connection
  • Advanced Silica Gel desiccant rotor
  • Solid state controls
  • UL-508-A listed panel
  • NEMA rated electrical enclosure
  • Electric, Steam or Direct fired natural gas reactivation of desiccant rotor
  • Constructed of high grade 5052 aluminum alloy for air tight construction
  • Various capacity control options available
  • Low maintenance-easy access to all internal components
  • Flexible: Many pre-designed options to meet your needs
  • Versatile: Space or process conditioning, Controls relative humidity or dew point.