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Pinned  Plate Heat Exchangers: Five Questions and Answers

Sep 26 2014 04:53 PM | Chris in Technical Articles

Plate heat exchangers are extremely efficient and can be workhorses in many different types of environments. But, knowing what to watch for when inspecting and maintaining your plate heat exchanger is critical. We'll explore five common questions and answers to help you take better care of your plate heat exchanger.

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Pinned  A Gamajet Solution for Dirty Totes

Jan 12 2015 08:28 PM | Chris in Technical Articles

In our Feature video, Gamajet (an Alfa Laval company) demonstrates their new tote cleaning system.  If you're interested, please drop us a quick line or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Heat Exchanger Sizing and LMTD

One thing to consider when sizing a heat exchanger is the temperature difference of the fluids you wish to use.  While heat exchangers do a great job at transferring energy, they are limited by the heat source or heat sink you provide them.  No matter...

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Plate Exchanger: Fouling vs Scaling

Understanding the differences between fouling and scaling can help you be in a better position the next time you open your plate heat exchanger. We''ll examine the differences and discuss how each type of resistance to heat transfer can affect the perf...

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Types of Plate Exchanger Leaks

The design of plate heat exchangers is very reliable since they have several fail-safe spots to visibly show any leaks.  Nearly all possible leaks will cause the flow to spill out the sides of the exchanger to the ground so the problem becomes obvious....

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External Leakage

Plate heat exchangers can supply reliable operating service for years with proper maintenance, but what about when something goes wrong? Is your plate heat exchanger leaking? Is the leak slow or fast? How can you know what the problem is and the best w...

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Pick Case Studies

Pick Steam Injection Heaters are used throughout the industry for applications ranging from plant sanitation to process heating to in-line cooking, with success. Here are some cases of a Pick Heater being the proper fit for a variety of applications....

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Heat Exchanger Opening

You may wish to open your existing unit for a number of reasons: an inspection due to lack of performance, to add or remove heat transfer plates, to address any leaks noticed coming from the sides or bottom of the unit, etc. It may seem like an involve...

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Heat Exchanger Performance

Plate Heat Exchangers Not Meeting Performance? The Plate Heat Exchanger is relatively new heat transfer technology and they perform very well due to the research and design that is behind them. Plate and Frames are inexpensive, highly efficient an...

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The Glued Gasket Conundrum

You walk past one of your plate heat exchangers that's been working great for a long time. But, today you notice that it''s leaking onto the floor in several different locations. You need this heat exchanger for a critical heating or cooling applicat...

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Heat Exchanger CIP

In the past, we've talked with our customers about the importance of cleaning your heat exchangers and cooling towers. Now, Virginia Heat Transfer is pleased to offer cleaning-in-place service for plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers,...

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Pre-Packaged Systems

Pre-Packaged Systems are designed specifically to meet process industry needs efficiently and effectively, from a pilot project to a large-scale production. Single source of supply Portable skids, wall mounts or floor mounted packages Compact design to...

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How Compablocs Work

The Compabloc heat exchanger is built around a pack of corrugated heat transfer plates, welded alternately to form channels. The complete plate pack slides inside a four-column carbon steel frame bolted to pressure-retaining heads at the top and bottom...

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2 vs 3 Pass

When you purchase a heater your choice may be between a two-pass design and a three-pass design. Both have their merits. A two-pass heater has a single coil. Burner gases make two passes through the heater. They first pass through the inside of the coi...

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Water for Injection

Your customers want products they can rely on. That means consistent and safe results. You expect the same from your stainless steel process system. At A&B Process Systems, we realize that water is a key element in all aspects of life, including pharma...

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CIP Systems

At first glance, a Clean-in-Place (CIP) system from A&B Process Systems merely cleans process equipment. But broaden your vision and see that Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems improve product quality, product recovery and purity, as well as reduce pollution...

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Process Vessels

Sometimes it''s what you can''t see that matters. Process vessels are the workhorses of a process system and irregularities can lead to product contamination and degredation. At A&B Process Systems, we have our eyes on the smallest details even for the...

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Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are all about quantitiy; having enough product to keep your process flowing is critical. At A&B we believe storage is also about quality that''s why we design and fabricate storage tanks with the highest quality at a competitive price.Qui...

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Dessicant Air Dryers

Industrial ApplicationsDESICAiR dry desiccant industrial dehumidifiers provide precision humidity and/or temperature control (humidity levels from 60° F [15.6° C] dew point to as low as minus 40° F [-40° C] dew point) of either a room or process air st...

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Series 500 Portable

500-700 SCFM General Duty- Dry desiccant dehumidifier. Humidity levels can be controlled below levels which moisture condenses on surfaces. The Series 500-700 dehumidifiers were primarily designed for the water damage remediation; however they meet a w...

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Horizontal Coil

A very high efficiency thermal fluid heater. The heater has two helical coils, a smaller coil that fits inside of a larger coil. Hot burner gases pass through the center of the smaller coil and double back between it and the larger coil. They then trav...

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Series 6000

750 CFM to 15,000 SCFMA modular desiccant dehumidification system for commercial and industrial applications with unique dehumidification requirements. Industrial design offers precision humidity/temperature control. The Modular concept provides design...

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Sanitary Packages

Pick Pre-Packaged Sanitary Heater Systems are designed to efficiently meet food and pharmaceutical industry processing needs, from pilot scale laboratory units to production scale packages. Pilot Scale For laboratories or pilot operations, Picks pilot...

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Series 2000

750 SCFM to 12,000 CFM Industrial Duty - Dry desiccant dehumidifiers Dew points to -40 Degrees F Self contained Unit- Complete with all necessary blowers, controls, filters and drive components to assure the safe, automatic operation of the dehumidifie...

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