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West of I-95 in Virginia: Joe Polito - joe@vaheat.com (804-350-8829)
East of I-95 in Virginia, Maryland and DC: Chris Haslego - chris@vaheat.com (804-370-3855)

Technical Articles

How Compablocs Work

The Compabloc heat exchanger is built around a pack of corrugated heat transfer plates, welded alternately to form channels. The complete plate pack slides inside a four-column carbon steel frame bolted to pressure-retaining heads at the top and bottom...

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2 vs 3 Pass

When you purchase a heater your choice may be between a two-pass design and a three-pass design. Both have their merits. A two-pass heater has a single coil. Burner gases make two passes through the heater. They first pass through the inside of the coi...

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Water for Injection

Your customers want products they can rely on. That means consistent and safe results. You expect the same from your stainless steel process system. At A&B Process Systems, we realize that water is a key element in all aspects of life, including pharma...

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CIP Systems

At first glance, a Clean-in-Place (CIP) system from A&B Process Systems merely cleans process equipment. But broaden your vision and see that Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems improve product quality, product recovery and purity, as well as reduce pollution...

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Process Vessels

Sometimes it''s what you can''t see that matters. Process vessels are the workhorses of a process system and irregularities can lead to product contamination and degredation. At A&B Process Systems, we have our eyes on the smallest details even for the...

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Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are all about quantitiy; having enough product to keep your process flowing is critical. At A&B we believe storage is also about quality that''s why we design and fabricate storage tanks with the highest quality at a competitive price.Qui...

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Dessicant Air Dryers

Industrial ApplicationsDESICAiR dry desiccant industrial dehumidifiers provide precision humidity and/or temperature control (humidity levels from 60° F [15.6° C] dew point to as low as minus 40° F [-40° C] dew point) of either a room or process...

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Series 500 Portable

500-700 SCFM General Duty- Dry desiccant dehumidifier. Humidity levels can be controlled below levels which moisture condenses on surfaces. The Series 500-700 dehumidifiers were primarily designed for the water damage remediation; however they meet a w...

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Series 6000

750 CFM to 15,000 SCFM
A modular desiccant dehumidification system for commercial and industrial applications with unique dehumidification requirements. Industrial design offers precision humidity/temperature control. The Modular concept provides...

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Series 2000

750 SCFM to 12,000 CFM
Industrial Duty - Dry desiccant dehumidifiers
Dew points to -40 Degrees F
Self contained Unit- Complete with all necessary blowers, controls, filters and drive components to assure the safe, automatic operation...

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